Executive Bios

Rick Steinrock

President, American Roofing & Metal Inc.

Rick Steinrock was born and raised in Louisville Kentucky. When he was fourteen, he started roofing on weekends and during summer break with his Dad, Grandad, uncles and cousins. He's been roofing ever since.

Rick Graduated from high school and did a touch of college. His dad was without question one of the hardest working and consciences men he ever met and he had the pleasure of working with him full time for a couple of years. Rick's dad had the gift to not only demonstrate how to work hard and right, but to create a desire in Rick and his brother to do the same. His dad did this with very little verbal communication. He loved working with Dad. His dad taught him a trade and taught him how to work. The trade (roofing and sheet metal work) was a blessing in many ways from the very beginning. Rick looked around and realized he had been given a valuable gift and immediately had a desire to share it with others. He believes it was a God given vision of how to view life, his talents and his gifts. A consistent theme throughout his career has been a deliberate effort to train and grow his associates as well as provide opportunity for them to advance in their carrier. Many have come and gone over the years. Some started their own businesses and have done very well, some are still with us today and have also done very well.

Now he is experiencing the ultimate joy, working with his two sons in the family business and see it moving forward under their leadership. They make the fourth generation of our family in the roofing business in Louisville Ky.

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