Keynote Speaking, Executive Development Programs, and Seminars

Rob Waite has over thirty years of speaking experience for large events and small groups. Book Rob for keynote speaking, executive development, or seminars.



Keynote Speaking and Executive Development

Rob’s wide-ranging background as a C-suite executive, board member, recruiter at the elite levels and a noted author have led to him being tapped as a Keynote Speaker at corporate events, industry association conventions, and other groups. 

In addition to his Keynote speaking, Rob has been engaged to also custom create Executive Development Programs for corporations and other groups that are designed to address their specific needs and interests. These programs are built on the framework of “The Seven Capabilities”, which is the heart of his book, No Magic Bullets.

To learn more about how Rob can add practical knowledge, excitement, energy as well as generate a Call to Action for each member of your group to implement right away, please email or call (502) 292-0268. A staff member will answer your questions and will provide an indicative fee range based on the general details of your event-

Thirty Years of Speaking: Large Events & Small Groups

Large Events—A Call to Action

Rob Waite has addressed groups around the world including the Latin American Chamber of Commerce in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Lafarge S.A. Top 100 Executive Conference in Paris, numerous National and International Corporate Sales Conferences and other Corporate Events. 

Small Group Events—A conversation, not a presentation

Rob has addressed Corporate Boards, Regional Business Events and Start-up Companies. In this more intimate setting, Rob addresses small groups in a conversational way. With thorough advanced preparation, Rob leads a robust exchange of knowledge, challenges the status quo and sparks healthy debate regarding critical issues in the organization. Most importantly his approach facilitates concrete decision making.

Every engagement, large or small, leads to a definitive Call to Action… Because results matter to the future health and prosperity of every type of entity.

Executive Development Programs & Seminars

With most Executive Development Programs and Seminars, they simply end after the time allotted. The participants go back to their normal routines and what seemed smart and exciting to implement is quickly forgotten a few days after the event. Rob’s approach avoids this major pitfall with these types of programs.

From one day seminars to multi-day events, Rob custom tailors his programs to meet the specific needs and goals of the client. Each organization has its own unique challenges and unique opportunities. Through a multi-step preparation process, Rob assures the knowledge that needs to be provided, the business approach taken is on target and the strategic mindset and tools required to achieve the goals are well absorbed by the participants.

For information about inviting Rob to speak at your event, call (502) 292-0268 or visit Rob's contact page.